India and Nepal - Tickets and Final Countdown to Take-off!

Well, finally got all the tickets for India and Nepal taken care of...big bucks for the big adventure! The Nepal extension is down to just me and DJ from Austin. He and I are going to have a blast viewing Mount Everest. Both of us are looking forward to that adventure.
On the India front, amazing things have developed. Butch Hall flutes from Weatherford, Texas have donated 6 Little Crow 5 hole, A minor pentatonic flutes for the younger kids I will be teaching NAF. Larry Evans of Mockingbird flutes has donated 20 A minor pentatonic 6 hole flutes for the rest of the kids I will be teaching and is currently working on 20+ Dm pentatonic flutes as well! Wow! I'm blown away by how flute makers have stepped up to the plate to help out the kids. Who are these kids? Orphans in Tripura, India that I have the privilege to teach Native American Flute for 6 days! I'm very excited about this and totally humbled by the outpouring of love from Larry and the Halls. WOW!